To greatly enhance the lives of animals through the development of relevant, cost-effective, novel technology that allows our valued customer, the veterinarian, to keep their hard-earned business in house.


To continue to offer a wide range of innovative, easy to use, regenerative kits and laboratory services, backed by university science, while also performing and funding veterinary research with the help of our academic and industrial research partners.


We believe all things are possible. We listen to what our end users say which helps us continually improve our products. We believe in the value of scientific data that ensures a veterinarian’s comfort and success, while maintaining the highest level of integrity always. Finally, we continue to succeed by hiring talented and passionate, experienced professionals in the industry that truly love animals and care about positive results.

What veterinarians are saying about Rebound PRP and Rebound PRF kits?

Rebound PRP

  • Partial cruciates and/or adjunct to surgery
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Knee injuries and soft tissue injuries
  • Problem wounds and burns
  • Surgery non-candidates

Rebound PRF

  • Acute, chronic and non-healing wounds
  • Dentistry: multiple tooth extractions
  • Bone regeneration
  • Graft stabilization
  • Homeostasis

Coming Soon

  • Stay tuned for exciting new developments
  • Histology laboratory with priority turn-around time
  • Board certified pathology reporting
  • Bone marrow aspirate kits


We are regenerative medicine experts that are enhancing the lives of animals and humans through our products.

We continually develop new and improved applications in regenerative medicine by performing and funding veterinary research with the help of our academic and industrial research partners.

We support our products and services with scientific proof, superior sales and marketing ability, and a worldwide network of industry experienced contacts.

Our Products

Platelet Rich Plasma

Rebound PRP Kit

Platelet Rich Fibrin

Rebound PRF Kit

120v mobile centrifuge



"I have known Dr. Orava for many years, and he is one of the top veterinary regenerative medicine experts in the country. I highly recommend Enso Discoveries for their PRP kits! I use them and am glad I do. They are doing it right.”

Ross Rich, DVM, PA-C, BSN, 18D

“The Enso Discoveries PRP kits were built by veterinarians for veterinarians. The portable centrifuge was a wonderful addition. I want to thank Dr Orava, Patrick Farley and the whole team for a great product and a job well done. I highly recommend the Enso Discoveries PRP kit to all veterinarians.”

Scott Reiners, DVM, DACVS, DACVSMR

“We switched to Enso Discoveries Rebound PRP kit after meeting Dr. Orava and seeing the efficiency of the kits. They have delivered a well thought out product with excellent follow up services to us. We have now switched to using the Enso Discoveries Rebound PRP kits and are glad we did.” 

Dr. John Bennett, DVM

We are a veteran owned fast emerging biotech company that is family operated and proudly developing products here in the USA.

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