Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a second-generation platelet concentrate where platelets, growth factors, and cells are bonded within a fibrin matrix that serves as a resorbable membrane. PRF has shown to accelerate the healing of both soft and hard tissues. The fibrin matrix has also been shown to efficiently direct stem cell migration and thus aid the healing process.


Designed by expert regenerative medicine veterinarians for use in the veterinary market.

  • Low risk: no expensive capital needed to start using,
  • Long shelf life of two years for each kit
  • Patented design focuses on sterility, ease of use, multi-species usage, and validated science
  • Designed to work with standard centrifuges
  • Allows multiple ways to apply autologous growth factors to wounds depending on your needs
  • Outstanding customer service led by our experts, who actually design and use our products

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  • Acute, chronic, or non-healing wounds
  • Dentistry (extractions, wound closure)
  • Bone regeneration
  • Graft stabilization
  • Hemostasis


  • Autologous (safe, and no risk of rejection)
  • Minimally invasive (blood draw only)
  • Variable size and thickness, as needed
  • Point of care
  • Strong enough to hold sutures
  • Keeps valuable service in-house with newly added revenue

PRF White Paper

J Corey Orava, DVM

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FAQ What if I am not familiar with PRF?
  • Enso Discoveries has detailed instructional videos available 
  • Enso Discoveries offers wet labs, video conferencing, or personal visits

Is it expensive to get started?
  • No capital investment typically required 
  • If you need a centrifuge, we offer a mobile 12v or 120v unit
  • Each Rebound PRF kit includes all supplies needed to perform procedure 
How can you offer so much for so little? Can I trust the quality?

YES! Because we design, university-validate, and manufacture our own products, there are no large fees being paid to human-focused companies for veterinary rights. 

Rebound PRF Kit

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