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Enso Discoveries strives to be the foremost leader in providing affordable, accessible, and scientifically-advanced veterinary regenerative medicine products. We do this by researching and developing new and improved delivery systems for products. Meet our mobile regenerative medicine kits.

Rebound PRP Kit


Designed by veterinarians for veterinarians and validated at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, the Rebound PRP Kit is the first PRP system in the world to be validated in 5 species (dog, cat, horse, cow, and human).

Rebound PRF Kit


The Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Kit was designed by expert regenerative medicine veterinarians for multiple uses including non-healing wounds, dentals, graft stabilization, and much more. Low risk: no expensive capital needed to start using. Long shelf life of two years for each kit while patented design focuses on sterility, ease of use, multi-species usage, and validated science.

Enso 120v Centrifuge


Enso Discoveries variable speed centrifuge model C856 (120 volt); six place rotor; variable speed with linear control from 500 RPM to 4,000 RPM

Enso 12v Centrifuge


Enso Discoveries variable speed mobile centrifuge model C827 (12 volt); six place rotor; variable speed with linear control from 500 RPM to 4,000 RPM



Enso Discoveries personalized Centrifuge Carrying Case.

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Client Testimonials

“As an equine practitioner, I can vouch for Enso Discoveries PRP test being safe, efficacious and reliable, as I never have flare-ups or any problems, as is the case with some other kits. Enso has an excellent team of researchers and experts that I rely on to deliver the best products to help us do our job and keep our sport horses in the ring.”

Josh Harvey

DVM, Outlaw Equine

“I feel that the Enso Discoveries Recover PRF kit played a significant role in helping to manage my patient's cat that had a very difficult wound infection. It also helped to establish a new healthy granulation bed prior to closure. Prior to instituting the PRF therapy, I was considering amputation as the only viable option for him. We are very pleased at the outcome and grateful for the opportunity to utilize this valuable therapy.”

Dr. Tracey Cantamessa

DVM, Eagle Rock Veterinary Hospital

“Using the body to heal itself is the perfect marriage of natural and advanced technology. It is truly a marvel to witness the progress of my patients. I can’t say enough about Enso Discoveries and the easy-to-use kits we now use to offer PRP as a service to our clients.”

Kendell Michel

DVM, CVCP,, Family Animal Care of Salina, Kansas

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