Rotor Calculator

Spin Rate Calculator

Instructions For Converting RCF (G-Force) to RPM:

  • Measure the spin radius by holding a ruler parallel to the counter top and measuring the horizontal distance from center of rotation   usually a bolt in the middle of the rotor to the far tip of a bucket
  • Enter this in the “Rotor Radius” field
  • Enter the desired RCF (aka G-Forces)
  • Hit “Calculate RPM”
  • Read the number that appears in the “RPM” box and use this setting on your centrifuge

Rotor Calculator

Rotor Radius  cm

RPM  rpm

RCF  g

Additional Notes:

Centrifuges are dirty and there is no way to sterilize them.  But did you know that most centrifuge buckets can be autoclaved?  If you are particular about sterility (and we know you are), consider sterilizing your buckets prior to each PRP process. Please remember to ensure with the centrifuge manufacturer that your bucket is autoclavable.

If your centrifuge has a brake, have it turned as low as possible —an aggressive brake WILL disrupt the PRP.



PRP Spin Composition

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PRP Spin Composition

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